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Famous Tigers of Pench National Park

The beautiful Pench National Park is set in a flourishing teak jungle, which is home to various deer species, tiger and leopard. A spectacular natural reserve, set among typical central Indian teak jungle, Pench National Park offers a quiet and secluded game viewing experience. Some of the Famous Tigers of Pench are Collarwali, Langdi, Patdev, Rayakasa, L Mark, Baghinala Female , BMW Male, Tarzan Male and few others.


Pench is known for its most famous Tigress Collarwali – T15

Collarwali (meaning one who has a collar in Hindi)- This tigress once had a collar on her neck but as of now (2021) it is broken and can’t be seen on her neck anymore. Her enumerated code name is T-15 as given by the Forest Department. She was born in 2005 to another famous tigress Badi Mada (Great Mother) when she had mated with one of the most legendary male tigers of Pench – Charger or T1.


She was part of a litter of 4 tigers (2 female and 2 male). Collarwali was the first of Badimada’s four cubs to set out on her own and establish her territory in the prime area of her mother’s range.


She, today is the most famous tigress in Pench and is a darling of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. She is not at all afraid of humans and safari vehicles, and once sighted will most possibly grant very good photographic opportunities. Perhaps her fondness for the camera is because, right from her birth, she has always been in the limelight.

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